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Android Mockup: Showcase Your Apps in the Best Way

Let's face it, there are thousands of mobile app developers in the world. How will you ever stand out from the rest? Start with the Android mockup!


There are 12 million mobile app developers in the world, according to estimates. That’s a lot of entities because of the wide range of opportunities in this digital world. However, if you are a mobile app developer, that number entails competition. 


So how do you compete with millions of other people and organizations that do the things you do? For one thing, you have to create something new and interesting. When you have that in the bag, you ought to package it in a mockup so you can wow companies and investors and lure them to put money behind your amazing concept. 

Android mockup


The mockup is the best way to package a digital product for professional presentations because it looks very neat and realistic. Realism comes from the tool that it comes with. Digital mockups come with tech devices that are used as instruments to show off digital outputs. 


For those who want professional-looking free mockups, UX Planet is a great source. It has PSD mockups that use many different devices as centerpiece. So there are laptops, desktops and Apple devices. Ramotion says that one of the best types of mockups is android mockup. 


There have been close to 330 million units of Android smartphones sold globally. You know what that means? Millions of opportunities! Millions of people are using Android mobile devices, which also mean millions of people willing to pay for Android apps. As such, an Android mockup seems like the prefect platform to showcase your product. 


Coronavirus opportunity


With millions of opportunities at bay, people have to be updated with the latest trends in order to create a mobile application that will interest a lot of people. Take the coronavirus pandemic. It is a scary global health issue that has since claimed the lives of 5,374 people. Close to 143,000 people have contracted the virus in 136 countries. 


Coronavirus, officially referred to as COVID-19, was identified in late December 2019. A couple of months later, coronavirus apps have been created. There were hundreds of them in the market. There were different types of coronavirus-related apps, but the most common of which are those that track the presence of COVID-19 incidence. This way, people will be aware and will try to bar themselves from visiting the area. 


Tech companies, though, noted that some of these apps became sources of misinformation. This prompted organizations to put a lid on how these apps can be searched. Changes have to be made in order to stop the spread of fake news. 


Putting coronavirus on the spotlight allowed developers to ride on the trend. The first few companies that created a coronavirus-related app certainly set the trend while the rest jumped on the bandwagon. But that’s not the point. The point is really about developers knowing the trend and creating product that people would really embrace in the moment. 


So if you are a bandwagoner, you might as well put your digital product in a neat Android mockup to ensure that you can still stand out despite many similar app concepts. However, the mockup can only lead to somewhere. It is still up to your amazing concept to really make a deal possible. 




You can never make too many games. There will also be space for gaming apps, so continue to conceptualize fun mobile games and showcase them through various Android mockups. Finding the right mockup for your specific game is actually quite crucial. 


For example, your game is already fun. It is expected that the content is colorful and exciting. You can’t pair that with an Android mockup that uses a lot of colors in the background as well as some stylistic turns. Keep the mockup simple because a lot of colors and elements will already be splashed on the screen. You don’t want your mockup to be too distracting. 


Always aim for longevity. Remember Candy Crush? Actually, remember may be the wrong word to use because Candy Crush still exists. It is such a simple game but it has stayed on for so many years already. Some people are still hooked on it despite it such being a simple game. Sometimes, simplicity really is everything. 


If not simplicity, aim for something familiar. Snoopy is 47 years old. Still, there is still something refreshing about him. One of the most popular games on Google Play today is Snoopy Puzzle Journey. It’s amazing how people can still find something new for Snoopy to do to make him relatable and still fun. 


Samsung mockups


Among the Android smartphones, Samsung is the most popular. It is then quite logical for you to use a Samsung mockup in order to attract attention. There are many Samsung phones but the Galaxy lineup is arguably the most popular. So if you can find the best Samsung Galaxy mockup to showcase any of your mobile app concepts that would really do the trick. 


Samsung also represents modernity and invokes mass appeal. So while the star of your presentation is the app concept, the mockup will certainly elevate your product. 


Creating the mockup


Mockups are pre-made so you don’t necessarily have to create them. You just have to customize them. Since the mockup is basically a frame, you just need to insert your photo onto the frame to make it yours and ready to use in presentations. 


For efficiency, you would want to use the Android mockup. First, you have to make sure that you have the Photoshop and Sketch apps on your computer. Then, you are ready to browse some Android mockups on the internet. Find one that will be perfect for your app design. This means that it could balance whatever you have to put on the screen of the Android device like the Google Pixel, for example. As soon as you have found your favoured app, you may then download the PSD file of the template. You may also use Sketch formats. 


The next step is to open the mockup on your Adope Photoshop or Sketch. Unzip the mockup file. Know the smart layers contained in the mockup. Each layer has a space where you can insert your own content in order to customize the mockup. Then you have to locate the Smart Object so that when you edit your mockup, the original quality will not be damaged. This is the way to prevent pixilation, which could destroy your entire presentation. You will insert your content onto the Smart Object layer. It is as simple as that!

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