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Importance of the Apple Watch Mockup

The Apple Watch mockup is usually used for marketing presentations or introduction of digital products that are appropriate for wearable technology.


The Apple Watch used to be a wearable device that is dependent on the iPhone. However, over the years, the Apple Watch has become its own mobile device. It has become a standalone wearable device where you can do so many things like play games or track your health. As such, more app developers are looking at creating digital applications that can work for the smallest Apple device. 


If you are one of those developers, then you definitely need iOS mockups to showcase iOS apps specifically designed for the Apple Watch. To find the best free mockups, UX Planet has a great lineup for you that range from the colorful to the formal and everything in between.  


So what is the importance of the Apple Watch mockup? Ramotion says that it is a realistic rendering of a digital product with the Apple Watch as the exhibition platform. But here are the specific issues that will truly emphasize the importance of the Apple Watch mockup. 


When you want to showcase the design of your digital product for wearable devices, you can use the mockup that uses multiple Apple Watches. Find a mockup that utilizes the different kinds of Apple Watch. This way, the flexibility of your design will be emphasized.


If you want to feature the fun side of your application, you can use the mockup with colorful Apple Watches. But for complete versatility, it’s always exciting to show off the different Apple Watches including those that are in collaboration with other brands like Nike and Hermes. Such would push the narrative that your digital product will work for both the athletic individual and the posh one. 


You may also use the devices mockup, which features all the main Apple mobile devices: iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. However, this is more indicative of a digital product that works for all devices. But if your product is solely for the Apple Watch then the Apple mockups may not be the wisest presentation tool to use. 


If you want to showcase details in your app then you must choose the mockup that features only one Apple Watch, the larger the better. You might want to go with the basic black Apple Watch. Too many colors—from the straps or the background—may take away from the details. It may cause a distraction that your audience would be more focused on the details of the watch and the background when you want them to zero in on the screen of the watch. 


The details may be on the creativity of the digital product or the colors on the design itself. It could also be on the product description, if that is what you want to highlight in the mockup. 


But if you think that a particular color of the strap will work better for your digital product, then by all means, choose that mockup. You know your product better. A mockup has the capability to elevate your design, so choosing the right mockup is important. Take time to really internalize the goal of your digital product so you can choose the right template to show off your design. 


Real-world imagery

The real goal of the mockup is to showcase realism. The reason why you use the Apple Watch as a tool to showcase a digital product that you can use in an Apple Watch is to see how the design will look when in actual use. Well, some mockups want to take the storytelling to the next level.


If you really want to tell a story through the Apple Watch mockup, you can choose those that put the Apple Watch on the wrist of a person. If you want to demonstrate how your product will look like when in actual use, you can choose a mockup wherein a person is pressing a button on the screen of the Apple Watch. 


Here’s a story for you: A father is working in the office late—again! The children miss him. So the children call him from home. This is obviously a storyline for a messaging application. You can showcase a man’s wrist with an active call on his Apple Watch. On the background is his desktop from the office. 


To put a story on a health app, you can put it on the wrist of a woman on a workout. Obviously you can’t use the entire body of the woman as a presentation frame, you can only use parts of her but mostly the wrist. But you can showcase a part of her body that shows her workout outfit and sweat. Then she would be looking at the screen of her Apple Watch to check out health-related details that would be linked to her activity. 

User interface

The UI design showcases how easy to the eyes your mobile application is. That is also something important to feature especially when you are facing investors who want to back your digital product. You want to tell them that there will be a market for your app design because it is easy to navigate and really neat to look at. 


Make sure to use the large screen for this, so you ought to choose a mockup that features only one Apple Watch. Don’t worry about the “flatness” of it because if your UI design is truly remarkable, then people will zone in on that. Also, there are other mockups that can break the flatness of a frame with only one Apple Watch. There are those that showcase a slanting Apple Watch so there is more shape.

How to create the Apple Watch mockup?


When you get the template from a great website, then it would be easy for you to customize an Apple Watch mockup. PSD mockups can be in PSD file or Sketch formats so make sure you have either Adobe Photoshop or Sketch in order to edit the templates available in the internet. 


Find a template that will best work with your concept for the presentation. Download them on your computer. Open the template in the app you want to work with. The mockup usually comes in a folder with editable images in either a PDF or JPG file. 


Now that you have downloaded the template, find the Smart Object. This is the layer that is used as a placeholder of a temporary content. This is where you will put your own content or app design. Apple Watch mockup done! It is neat and ready for professional presentations. 

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