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Website Development Company: 5 Website Practices You Must Do

There are best practices that a website development company must perform for your website to rank on the search engine result pages.


Boosting the conversion rate of your website is an essential function of a web development agency. But there are some relevant questions below.


How to boost that conversion rate?

Content marketing?

Search engine optimization?

What are the best practices that you should do to ensure that the conversion rate is going to increase day after day, month after month?


These questions are geared towards the understanding of a holistic process wherein the main goal is to have an increased rate of conversion. 


According to TMDesign, there are best practices that you can follow if you want your website to reap success in terms of leads and conversions. These practices are going to be explained in this blog post. And upon hiring a website development company, you should know already what the hired company should do for the success of your business. The practices are not difficult to actualize, to say the least. 

What should a website development company do?


Contextualized subsequently are the 5 best practices that you can do to increase the conversion rates of your website.

Powerful content


Did you know that content marketing is an essential digital marketing practice that can make your website very powerful on the web? There is a tight competition in your chosen business industry, which means there are a lot of websites competing in the number 1 page of the search engine results. The first practice that you should observe is to make sure that your website contains great and informative content. 


It means you should also make sure that the website development company has a writing workforce. If they don’t have a copywriting service, then your option is to hire copywriters to help in the aspect of content production. But it is better if the agency you hired does already have a pool of writers or content producers. By this process, you can have a cost-efficient implementation of content marketing strategies.


Content is king! This is the premise of digital marketers who have been in this field for quite so long. They believe that with great content, the success of your website is highly doable. So, make sure that your website can have cornerstone web pages. The content should be thick, relevant and informative.

Minimalist approach


What does it mean by this approach? You should ensure that your website is observing a minimalist approach. It means putting a negative space is imperative. It’s not good if your website looks messy or filled with everything. You must have a room to breathe. Negative spaces are empty portions on your website. By doing this, you’re giving comfort to the visitors’ eyes. Remember that the ultimate goal is to provide the best experience to the potential customers.


Furthermore, another relevant approach is to observe Hick’s Law. It is about narrowing down the content pages. And every product page, for example, should contain concise yet informative descriptions. Don’t shuffle things in a particular page. And if possible, avoid providing a lot of choices to the users of your website. It can lead to a possible peril that instead of patronizing your offers, the visitors may tend to leave to look for another website source. 

Great videos and images


Videos and images are part of content marketing. But it’s given a separate context in this blog for the reason that you have to understand how important they are for your website success. Videos are like a magnet. They can attract the visitors’ interest in a dramatic sense. According to this report, 85% of Internet users in the US alone watched videos every month on different sources and platforms. It means video marketing is a strategy that can produce tremendous results as far as reaping success is concerned.


Images, furthermore, are visuals that can as well attract visitors to engage in your business site. When your web pages contain informative images and infographics, the likelihood for your site to rank on the top pages of the SERPs is high. It means that in branding or marketing your brand, it is important to incorporate relevant images for the betterment of your website conversion rates. And your hired web development firm should see to it that this suggested practice will be followed.

UX-based web design


UX stands for user experience. To increase the conversion rates of your website, you should make sure that the design of your site is focused on providing the users with a great experience. A wonderful experience in short words. It is imperative due to the reason that if you can make people happy and satisfied, then for sure, they will appreciate and patronize your offered products or services. But if you can’t give them satisfaction, they will look for it from another provider of solutions.


For your website to become user-centric, you must start with the navigation. Navigating from page to page inside your site should be done in a comfortable manner. It is important so that the target customers can appreciate your site. It has to be easy and comfortable for them to navigate the internal web pages. 


As well, it is necessary that the loading speed of all your website pages is fast. 8 seconds is good. 6 seconds is better. 5 seconds is best. Every time a visitor opens a web page on your site, he or she evaluates the performance based primarily on loading speed. If your website is very slow in terms of loading, then the experience is not definitely good. The tendency is for that particular visitor to search for another website on the Internet. It’s easy to understand this aspect, isn’t it? 

Don’t forget to K.I.S.S.


It is spelled as KISS. What does it imply? It is actually a mantra that means “Keep it simple, stupid!” Yeah, you read it right. In relation to your website, you have to keep everything simple. Simplicity is essential because it is tantamount to providing the best experience as possible. When things are complex, they can lead to confusion. Consequently, the visitors would hate complex matters because they don’t want to be confused after all. That is why it is vital to keep your site design simple and specific.


Simple website designs are more attractive. The conversion rate is boosted as long as the details of the content pages are specifically narrowed down. The color combination should also be simple although you have to ensure that the graphics must be world-class. You have to understand that there is visual pleasure with simple web pages and overall design.


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